Frequently asked questions

What are the check-in and check-out times at Alloggio Urbano - Centro Storico?

Guests can check in with staff from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and self check in after 7 p.m. Check out is by 12 p.m.

What kind of rooms can I book at Alloggio Urbano - Centro Storico?

Alloggio Urbano - Centro Storico offers:

  • Double bedroom
  • Double bedroom with two single beds

What kind of rooms can I book at Allorgio Urbano - Stazione?

Alloggio Urbano - Stazione offers:

  • Double bedroom
  • Triple bedroom

Where can I park? Are parking areas close to the accommodation?

Our accommodation is located in the pedestrian historical centre. Nearby, at a distance of 150m, you will find S. Francesco multilevel car park, open 24/7. There are also free parking areas at about 250m, the availability of which depends on the hour of the day.

How far is it from the station?

Our nearest accommodation is 950m far from the station. Alloggio Urbano - Centro Storico is a ten minute walk
from the station.

Do the apartments have a kitchen? Is it private or shared?

Yes, there is a shared kitchen.

Do you offer luggage deposit service?

Yes, in both apartments.

In the case of family bookings, are the rooms connected?

No, they aren't.

Do all the rooms have a private bathroom?

Yes, absolutely.

Are small dogs allowed?

Yes, they are. Medium and big sized dogs are not allowed.

Which floor are the rooms on?

The apartments are on the first floor in both apartments.

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